pdb-care: PDB CArbohydrate REsidue check (Version 2.0 beta)
A recent study revealed that about 30% of the carbohydrate-containing PDB entries comprise at least one error within the carbohydrate moieties [1].
To reduce this high rate of errors in further entries, pdb-care aids experimentalists in detecting discrepancies in connectivities and nomenclature.

This is a beta-version of a new pdb-care interface. Please note that this version can still contain some errors.

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[1]Lütteke T , Frank M , von der Lieth CW:
Data mining the Protein Data Bank: Automatic detection and assignment of carbohydrate structures.
Carbohydrate Research 2004, 339(5): 1015-1020.

When citing pdbcare, please refer to:

 Lütteke T, von der Lieth CW:
pdb-care (PDB CArbohydrate REsidue check): a program to support annotation of complex carbohydrate structures in PDB files
BMC Bioinformatics 2004, 5: 69.
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