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Analysis of lipoxygenase mRNA accumulation in the common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) during development and under stress conditions.

Porta H, Rueda-Benitez P, Campos F, Colmenero-Flores JM, Colorado JM, Carmona MJ, Covarrubias AA, Rocha-Sosa M

Plant Cell Physiol 40: 850-858 (1999)


Plant lipoxygenases (LOX, EC have been involved in processes such as stress responses and development. The levels of these enzymes and their corresponding mRNAs are modulated during these processes as well as by different effectors such as jasmonic acid (JA), its methyl ester (MeJA) or abscisic acid (ABA). A new lipoxygenase (LOX) cDNA clone, PvLOX2, was isolated from a Phaseolus vulgaris nodule library and used to study the LOX mRNA accumulation pattern in some developmental stages and in plants subjected to hormone and stress treatments. In nodules, LOX mRNA reaches a maximum level around day 14 to 16 after Rhizobium tropici inoculation, as compared with LOX mRNA present in uninoculated and inoculated roots at the same days. LOX antigen is detected in the nodule parenchyma and in the uninfected cells. During germination, bean LOX transcripts start to accumulate 48 h after imbibition, remains at the same level until 72 h after imbibition and then declines. In hypocotyl, LOX mRNA is abundant in the growing region and almost absent in the mature region. After water stress or ABA treatment, this mRNA increases in the mature region and decreases in the growing region. In bean seedlings, LOX mRNA is accumulated in response to some types of stresses such as cold and desiccation. Wounding, MeJA or ABA treatment of mature leaves also induces LOX mRNA accumulation. These results indicate that in common bean plants LOX is required during development and stress conditions.AD - Instituto de Biotecnologia, UNAM, Cuernavaca, Mor, Mexico.

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