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The soybean 94-kilodalton vegetative storage protein is a lipoxygenase that is localized in paraveinal mesophyll cell vacuoles.

Tranbarger TJ, Franceschi VR, Hildebrand DF, Grimes HD

Plant Cell 3: 973-987 (1991)


Soybean leaves contain three proteins (the vegetative storage proteins or VSPs) that respond to nitrogen status and are believed to be involved in the temporary storage of nitrogen. One of these proteins, with a molecular mass of 94 kD and termed vsp94, was microsequenced. Partial amino acid sequence indicated that vsp94 was highly homologous to the lipoxygenase protein family. Further evidence that vsp94 is a lipoxygenase was obtained by demonstrating that vsp94 cross-reacted with a lipoxygenase antibody. Also, a lipoxygenase cDNA coding region was able to detect changes in an mRNA that closely parallel changes in vsp94 protein levels resulting from alteration of nitrogen sinks. Extensive immunocytochemical data indicate that this vsp94/lipoxygenase is primarily expressed in the paraveinal mesophyll cells and is subcellularly localized in the vacuole. These observations are significant in that they suggest that plant lipoxygenases may be bifunctional proteins able to function enzymatically in the hydroperoxidation of lipids and also to serve a role in the temporary storage of nitrogen during vegetative growth.

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