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Lipoxygenase gene expression is modulated in plants by water deficit, wounding, and methyl jasmonate.

Bell E, Mullet JE

Mol Gen Genet 230: 456-462 (1991)


Two classes of lipoxygenase (LOX) cDNAs, designated loxA and loxB, were isolated from soybean. A third lipoxygenase cDNA, loxP1, was isolated from pea. The deduced amino acid sequences of loxA and loxB show 61-74% identity with those of soybean seed LOXs. loxA and loxB mRNAs are abundant in roots and non-growing regions of seedling hypocotyls. Lower levels of these mRNAs are found in hypocotyl growing regions. Exposure of soybean seedlings to water deficit causes a rapid increase in loxA and loxB mRNAs in the elongating hypocotyl region. Similarly, loxP1 mRNA levels increase rapidly when pea plants are wilted. loxA and loxB mRNA levels also increase in wounded soybean leaves, and these mRNAs accumulate in soybean suspension cultures treated with 20 microM methyl jasmonate. These results demonstrate that LOX gene expression is modulated in response to water deficit and wounding and suggest a role for lipoxygenase in plant responses to these stresses.

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