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LOX-DB - Literature related to flap-human

Found 27 entries:

  • Lohmussaar E, Gschwendtner A, Mueller JC, Org T, Wichmann E, Hamann G, Meitinger T, Dichgans M
    "ALOX5AP Gene and the PDE4D Gene in a Central European Population of Stroke Patients."
    Stroke 0: (2005)

  • Helgadottir A, Gretarsdottir S, St Clair D, Manolescu A, Cheung J, Thorleifsson G, Pasdar A, Grant SF, Whalley LJ, Hakonarson H, Thorsteinsdottir U, Kong A, Gulcher J, Stefansson K, Macleod MJ
    "Association between the Gene Encoding 5-Lipoxygenase-Activating Protein and Stroke Replicated in a Scottish Population."
    Am J Hum Genet 76: 505-9 (2005)

  • Martel-Pelletier J , Mineau F , Fahmi H , Laufer S , Reboul P , Boileau C , Lavigne M , Pelletier JP
    "Regulation of the expression of 5-lipoxygenase-activating protein/5-lipoxygenase and the synthesis of leukotriene B(4) in osteoarthritic chondrocytes: role of transforming growth factor beta and eicosanoids."
    Arthritis Rheum 50: 3925-3933 (2004)

  • Manev R , Manev H
    "5-Lipoxygenase as a putative link between cardiovascular and psychiatric disorders."
    Crit Rev Neurobiol 16: 181-6 (2004)

  • Flamand N, Surette ME, Picard S, Bourgoin S, Borgeat P
    "Cyclic AMP-mediated inhibition of 5-lipoxygenase translocation and leukotriene biosynthesis in human neutrophils."
    Mol Pharmacol 62: 250-256 (2002)

  • Coffey MJ, Phare SM, Peters-Golden M
    "Prolonged exposure to lipopolysaccharide inhibits macrophage 5-lipoxygenase metabolism via induction of nitric oxide synthesis."
    J Immunol 165: 3592-3598 (2000)

  • Brown NL, Slater DM, Alvi SA, Elder MG, Sullivan MH, Bennett PR
    "Expression of 5-lipoxygenase and 5-lipoxygenase-activating protein in human fetal membranes throughout pregnancy and at term."
    Mol Hum Reprod 5: 668-674 (1999)

  • Datta K, Biswal SS, Kehrer JP
    "The 5-lipoxygenase-activating protein (FLAP) inhibitor, MK886, induces apoptosis independently of FLAP."
    Biochem J 340: 371-375 (1999)

  • Hong SH, Avis I, Vos MD, Martinez A, Treston AM, Mulshine JL
    "Relationship of arachidonic acid metabolizing enzyme expression in epithelial cancer cell lines to the growth effect of selective biochemical inhibitors."
    Cancer Res 59: 2223-2228 (1999)

  • Bonizzi G, Piette J, Schoonbroodt S, Greimers R, Havard L, Merville MP, Bours V
    "Reactive oxygen intermediate-dependent NF-kappaB activation by interleukin-1beta requires 5-lipoxygenase or NADPH oxidase activity."
    Mol Cell Biol 19: 1950-1960 (1999)

  • Ozeki Y, Nagamura Y, Ito H, Unemi F, Kimura Y, Igawa T, Kambayashi J, Takahashi Y, Yoshimoto T
    "An anti-platelet agent, OPC-29030, inhibits translocation of 12-lipoxygenase and 12-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid production in human platelets."
    Br J Pharmacol 128: 1699-1704 (1999)

  • Yandava CN , Kennedy BP , Pillari A , Duncan AM , Drazen JM
    "Cytogenetic and radiation hybrid mapping of human arachidonate 5-lipoxygenase-activating protein (ALOX5AP) to chromosome 13q12."
    Genomics 56: 131-133 (1999)

  • Phare SM , Peters-Golden M , Coffey MJ
    "Alveolar lining fluid regulates mononuclear phagocyte 5-lipoxygenase metabolism."
    Eur Respir J 12: 1141-1146 (1998)

  • Carty TJ, Sweeney FJ, Griffiths RJ, Eskra JD, Ernest MJ, Pillar JS, Cheng JD, Loose LD, Joseph PA, Pazoles PP, Moore PF, Nagahisa A, Murase S, Kadin SB
    "Tenidap inhibits 5-lipoxygenase product formation in vitro, but this activity is not observed in three animal models."
    Inflamm Res 46: 168-179 (1997)

  • Kaminski WE, Jendraschak E, Baumann K, Kiefl R, Fischer S, Marcus AJ, Broekman MJ, von Schacky C
    "Human mononuclear cells express 12-LX: coordinated mRNA regulation with 5-LX and FLAP genes."
    Blood 87: 331-340 (1996)

  • Bonnet C, Bertin P, Cook-Moreau J, Chable-Rabinovitch H, Treves R, Rigaud M
    "Lipoxygenase products and expression of 5-lipoxygenase and 5-lipoxygenase-activating protein in human cultured synovial cells."
    Prostaglandins 50: 127-135 (1995)

  • Cortese JF, Spannhake EW, Eisinger W, Potter JJ, Yang VW
    "The 5-lipoxygenase pathway in cultured human intestinal epithelial cells."
    Prostaglandins 49: 155-166 (1995)

  • Hutchinson JH, Charleson S, Evans JF, Falgueyret JP, Hoogsteen K, Jones TR, Kargman S, Macdonald D, McFarlane CS, Nicholson DW, et al.
    "Thiopyranol[2,3,4-c,d]indoles as inhibitors of 5-lipoxygenase, 5-lipoxygenase-activating protein, and leukotriene C4 synthase."
    J Med Chem 38: 4538-4547 (1995)

  • Vickers PJ
    "5-Lipoxygenase-activating protein (FLAP)."
    J Lipid Mediat Cell Signal 12: 185-194 (1995)

  • Hatzelmann A, Fruchtmann R, Mohrs KH, Raddatz S, Matzke M, Pleiss U, Keldenich J, Muller-Peddinghaus R
    "Mode of action of the leukotriene synthesis (FLAP) inhibitor BAY X 1005: implications for biological regulation of 5-lipoxygenase."
    Agents Actions 43: 64-68 (1994)

  • Hatzelmann A, Goossens J, Fruchtmann R, Mohrs KH, Raddatz S, Muller-Peddinghaus R
    "Inversely-correlated inhibition of human 5-lipoxygenase activity by BAY X1005 and other quinoline derivatives in intact cells and a cell-free system--implications for the function of 5-lipoxygenase activating protein."
    Biochem Pharmacol 47: 2259-2268 (1994)

  • Mancini JA, Abramovitz M, Cox ME, Wong E, Charleson S, Perrier H, Wang Z, Prasit P, Vickers PJ
    "5-lipoxygenase-activating protein is an arachidonate binding protein."
    FEBS Lett 318: 277-281 (1993)

  • Vickers PJ, Adam M, Charleson S, Abramovitz M, O'Neill G, Mancini JA
    "Amino acid residues of 5-lipoxygenase-activating protein critical for the binding of leukotriene biosynthesis inhibitors."
    J Lipid Mediat 6: 31-42 (1993)

  • Vickers PJ, O'Neill GP, Mancini JA, Charleson S, Abramovitz M
    "Cross-species comparison of 5-lipoxygenase-activating protein."
    Mol Pharmacol 42: 1014-1019 (1992)

  • Kennedy B.P., Diehl R.E., Boie Y., Adam M., Dixon R.A.
    "Gene characterization and promoter analysis of the human 5-lipoxygenase-activating protein (FLAP)."
    J. Biol. Chem. 266: 8511-8516 (1991)

  • Evans JF, Leville C, Mancini JA, Prasit P, Therien M, Zamboni R, Gauthier JY, Fortin R, Charleson P, MacIntyre DE, et al.
    "5-Lipoxygenase-activating protein is the target of a quinoline class of leukotriene synthesis inhibitors."
    Mol Pharmacol 40: 22-27 (1991)

  • Dixon R.A., Diehl R.E., Opas E., Rands E., Vickers P.J., Evans J.F., Gillard J.W., Miller D.K.
    "Requirement of a 5-lipoxygenase-activating protein for leukotriene synthesis."
    Nature 343: 282-284 (1990)