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Visualization of chemical 3D structures on the web comes with problems because the web browser cannot display chemical structures without the help of additional software. If you create a page with a 3D structure of a molecule and the visitor of your page does not use this special viewer software for displaying molecules it cannot get the whole information of the page which should be meditated.

PDB2MultiGIF takes the 3D structure and generates an animated image which can be displayed using any browser. Thus every visitor of your page can get the whole information.

With a faster web server it is not longer necessary to enter an email for the result. We use RasMol2 to render the molecules. Look at the RasMol documentation
or manual for RasMol commands.
Here you can find a JavaScript for the clever use of animated images in a web page.
NEW: An expert version is available.


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250 x 250 (large files!)
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(You can use any command supported by RasMol.)
Look at this small turorial for help
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If you do not have a PDB file look at our example pages.

Disaccharide (small)
Protein (large)


Have a look at our gallery with some nice examples.

When linking PDB2MGIF please use this link:

<a href="http://www.glycosciences.de/modeling/pdb2mgif/" target=_blank>PDB2MGIF</a>

Minimize the file size

There is a very nice program called "A smaller Gif" from Pedagoguery Software for Win and Mac computers.
With this program you can minimize the files size up to 72 %. Unfortunately there is no Linux version and thus
I cannot offer smaller GIF files. Download the program from Pedagoguery Software Inc.


* Some systems seem to have problems to copy more than ~350 lines into the box.
Solution: Use the [BROWSE] option to select a file.

* Do not insert PDB/HTML mixture - pure PDB files only!

* Do only enter PDB files - do not enter AA-sequences like "MPVAHVALPVPLPRTFDY"

When citing PDB2multiGIF, please refer to:

 Bohne A:
PDB2multiGIF: A Web Tool to Create Animated Images of Molecules
J Mol Model 1998, 4: 344-346.
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