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Boolean Search

You can enter one ore more words. To narrow your search you can use the following operators:

A plus sign prepended to a word indicates that this word must be present in every result.
A percent sign prepended to some words indicates that this substring must be present in the results.
A minus sign prepended to a word indicates that this word must not be present in the results
The tilde sign is an negation operator. Results containing such a word will be rated lower than others, but will not be excluded, as with - operator.
The asteric sign is an truncation operator. It should be appended to words.


breast cancer find results that contain at least one of these names
+cancer -breast find results that contain the first two names but not the third one
glyco* find words beginning with glyco
%Lewis X find results that contain exactly "Lewis X"

If you do not know how to exactly spell a word you can try a fuzzy search here.

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