wwPDB entry 5o9r

Title: Crystal structure of ScGas2 in complex with compound 9
Description: 1,3-beta-glucanosyltransferase GAS2 (E.C.2.4.1.-)
Keywords: Aspergillus fumigatus, AfGel4, ScGas2, transglycosylases, glucanosyltransferases, cell wall remodeling, fungal cell wall, transferase
Source: Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c
Experimental method: X-RAY DIFFRACTION
Resolution: 1.7Å
Release date: 2018-05-02
 Protein Entities: 1
 Non-Protein Entities: 5
 Glycan structures: 1
Structure entry #27365 [1 instances]
: 24  no Ref Taxons
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