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 2D Structure
a-D-Neup5Ac-(2-6/3)-b-D-Galp-(1-4)-b-D-GlcpNAc-(1-2)-a-D-Manp-(1-6)+ | b-D-Manp-(1-4)-b-D-GlcpNAc-(1-4)-b-D-GlcpNAc-(1-4)-Asn | a-D-Neup5Ac-(2-6/3)-b-D-Galp-(1-4)-b-D-GlcpNAc-(1-2)-a-D-Manp-(1-3)+
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Reference #7238
Petillot Y; Thibault P; Thielens NM; Rossi V; Lacroix M; Coddeville B; Spik G; Schumaker VN; Gagnon J; Arlaud GJ
Analysis of the N-linked oligosaccharides of human C1s using electrospray ionisation mass spectrometry
Published 1995 in FEBS Lett, 358: 323-328
Reference contains 2 structures

Reference #6517
Civas A; Fournet B; Coulombel C; Le Roscouet D; Honvault A; Petek F; Montreuil J; Doly J
Purification and carbohydrate structure of natural murine interferon-.beta.
Published 1988 in Eur J Biochem, 173: 311-316
Reference contains 1 structure

Reference #3935
Piller F; Blanchard D; Huet M; Cartron JP
Identification of a .alpha.-NeuAc-(2-3)-.beta.-D-galactopyranosyl N-acetyl-.beta.-D-galactosaminyltransferase in human kidney
Published 1986 in Carbohydr Res, 149: 171-184
Reference contains 9 structures

Reference #12269
Michel V; Gallot B
Model glycoconjugates consisting of biantennary N-glycans coupled to fatty acids: synthesis and diffraction study
Published 1985 in Makromol Chem, 186: 2365-2374
Reference contains 2 structures

Reference #7676
Murayama K; Nichols EJ; Levery SB; Carter WG; Hakomori SI
The carbohydrate structure of human fibronectins: a comparison between normal embryonic lung fibroblasts WI-38 and the SV40 virus transformed cell line VA13
Published 1984 in Glycoconj J, 1: 155-169
Reference contains 4 structures

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