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Reference #21763
Thomsson KA; Vitiazeva V; Mateoiu C; Jin C; Liu J; Holgersson J; Weijdegård B; Sundfeldt K; Karlsson NG
Sulfation of O-glycans on Mucin-type Proteins From Serous Ovarian Epithelial Tumors.
Published 2021 in Mol Cell Proteomics, 20: 100150
Reference contains 13 structures

Reference #20858
Benktander J; Venkatakrishnan V; Padra JT; Sundh H; Sundell K; Murughan AVM; Maynard B; Linden SK
Effects of size and geographical origin on Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, mucin O-glycan repertoire.
Published 2019 in Mol. Cell Proteomics, :
Reference contains 10 structures

Reference #1457
Kabir S; Gerwig GJ
The structural analysis of the O-glycans of the jacalin-bound rabbit immunoglobulin G
Published 1997 in Biochem Mol Biol Int, 42: 769-778
Reference contains 2 structures

Reference #7620
DiIulio NA; Bhavanandan VP
The saccharides of the MUC 1 mucin-type glycoprotein, epitectin, produced by H.Ep.2 cells in the presence of aryl-N-acetyl-.alpha.-galactosaminides
Published 1995 in Glycobiology, 5: 195-199
Reference contains 3 structures

Reference #6789
Hokke R; Damm JBL; Penninkhof B; Aitken RJ; Kamerling JP; Vliegenthart JFG
Structure of the O-linked carbohydrate chains of porcine zona pellucida glycoproteins
Published 1994 in Eur J Biochem, 221: 491-512
Reference contains 35 structures

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