Glycosciences.DB structure entry #6656: 6'-Sialyllactosamin

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Reference #21602
Hyun JY; Kim S; Lee CH; Lee HS; Shin I
Efficient Preparation and Bioactivity Evaluation of Glycan-Defined Glycoproteins.
Published 2021 in ACS Chem Biol, 16: 1930-1940
Reference contains 9 structures

Reference #21050
Di Carluccio C; Crisman E; Manabe Manabey Chem Sci Osaka-U Ac J YMMCSOAJ; Forgione RE; Lacetera A; Amato J; Pagano B; Randazzo A; Zampella A; Lanzetta R; Koichi F; Molinaro A; Crocker PR; Martin-Santamaria S; Marchetti R; Silipo A
Characterisation of the dynamic interactions between complex N-glycans and human CD22.
Published 2019 in Chembiochem, :
Reference contains 6 structures

Reference #21286
van Leeuwen SS
Challenges and Pitfalls in Human Milk Oligosaccharide Analysis.
Published 2019 in Nutrients, 11:
Reference contains 50 structures

Reference #20424
Vasile F; Gubinelli F; Panigada M; Soprana E; Siccardi A; Potenza D
NMR interaction studies of Neu5Ac-α-(2,6)-Gal-β-(1-4)-GlcNAc with influenza-virus hemagglutinin expressed in transfected human cells.
Published 2018 in Glycobiology, 28: 42-49
Reference contains 3 structures

Reference #20993
Jiménez-Castells C; Stanton R; Yan S; Kosma P; Wilson IB
Development of a multifunctional aminoxy-based fluorescent linker for glycan immobilization and analysis.
Published 2016 in Glycobiology, 26: 1297-1307
Reference contains 15 structures

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