Glycosciences.DB structure entry #548: N-Glycan fragment GlcNAc2

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Reference #21726
Tjondro HC; Ugonotti J; Kawahara R; Chatterjee S; Loke I; Chen S; Soltermann F; Hinneburg H; Parker BL; Venkatakrishnan V; Dieckmann R; Grant OC; Bylund J; Rodger A; Woods RJ; Karlsson-Bengtsson A; Struwe WB; Thaysen-Andersen M
Hyper-truncated Asn355- and Asn391-glycans modulate the activity of neutrophil granule myeloperoxidase.
Published 2021 in J Biol Chem, 296: 100144
Reference contains 20 structures

Reference #21166
Bello-Gil D; Audebert C; Olivera-Ardid S; Pérez-Cruz M; Even G; Khasbiullina N; Gantois N; Shilova N; Merlin S; Costa C; Bovin N; Mañez R
The Formation of Glycan-Specific Natural Antibodies Repertoire in GalT-KO Mice Is Determined by Gut Microbiota.
Published 2019 in Front Immunol, 10: 342
Reference contains 32 structures

Reference #100
Garg HG; Von dem Bruch K; Kunz H
Developments in the synthesis of glycopeptides containing glycosyl L-asparagine, L-serine, and L-threonine
Published 1994 in Adv Carbohydr Chem Biochem, 50: 277-310
Reference contains 59 structures

Reference #1363
Piskarev VE; Navratil J; Karaskova H; Bezouska K; Kocourek J
Interaction of egg-white glycoproteins and their oligosaccharides with the monomer and the hexamer of chicken liver lectin
Published 1990 in Biochem J, 270: 755-760
Reference contains 14 structures

Reference #3606
Nomoto H; Endo T; Inoue Y
Preparation and characterization of fragment glycoasparagines from ovalbumin glycopeptides: reference compounds for structural and biochemical studies of the oligo-mannose and hybrid types of carbohydrate chains of glycoproteins
Published 1982 in Carbohydr Res, 107: 91-101
Reference contains 9 structures

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