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 2D Structure
b-D-Galp-(1-4)+ | b-D-GlcpNAc-(1-6)+ | | a-L-Fucp-(1-3)+ b-D-Galp-(1-4)-D-Glc | b-D-Galp-(1-3)-b-D-GlcpNAc-(1-3)+
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  Literature references: 12

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Reference #21286
van Leeuwen SS
Challenges and Pitfalls in Human Milk Oligosaccharide Analysis.
Published 2019 in Nutrients, 11:
Reference contains 50 structures

Reference #20935
Mickum ML; Rojsajjakul T; Yu Y; Cummings RD
Schistosoma mansoni α1,3-fucosyltransferase-F generates the Lewis X antigen.
Published 2016 in Glycobiology, 26: 270-85
Reference contains 19 structures

Reference #3202
Hanisch FG; Heimbuchel G; Baldus SE; Uhlenbruck G; Schmits R; Pfreundschuh M; Shwonzen M; Vierbuchen M; Bara J; Peter-Katalinic J
Monoclonal antibody FW6 defines an epitope on .alpha.3/4-monofucosylated polylactosaminoglycans expressed by fetal and colon carcinoma-associated mucins
Published 1993 in Cancer Res, 53: 4367-4375
Reference contains 16 structures

Reference #461
Reddy GP; Bush CA
High-performance anion exchange-chromatography of neutral milk oligosaccharides and oligosaccharide alditols derived from mucin glycoproteins
Published 1991 in Anal Biochem, 198: 278-284
Reference contains 26 structures

Reference #7789
Renkonen O; Helin J; Penttila L; Maaheimo H; Niemela R; Leppanen A; Seppo A; Hard K
Oligo-N-acetyllactosaminoglycans bearing Gal.beta.1-4(Fuc.alpha.1-3)GlcNAc sequences than their nonfucosylated, or .alpha.(1-2) fucosylated counterparts for immobilized
Published 1991 in Glycoconj J, 8: 361-367
Reference contains 7 structures

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